Hints and Tips

Every year we receive hundreds of entries in to the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards. We have created a 
few top tips for maximising your chances of success this year.

Use our Helpful Entry Guide 
We have created a step by step guide to entering your products, this can be downloaded
here. Reading through this guide before starting your entry will help to make the process much easier. 

Choose the Correct Category 
Products should be entered into the most suitable category from the entry page. A selection of categories will offer the option to choose a subcategory eg. Bakery -> Breads -> Flatbreads. Products with a healthier focus or for an alternative diet can be entered into our Good Choice categories which can be found here

Answer the Questions Fully 
Make sure you answer the questions in the entry form as fully as possible, including the important information highlighted. This will allow judges to gain a better understanding of your product and able to make a clearer judgement of the product. Missing out vital information such as price and weight, makes it incredibly difficult to judge your product effectively.  

Provide Quality Samples
The products will be presented to the judges in the same way they are provided to consumers, who take more than taste into account when they make their purchases. Please ensure you provide the recommended number of products in their packaging in your delivery, so judges can view the product as a whole. Where product packaging is not available, eg. for a seasonal product, please ensure you include a product shot with visuals of how the packaging will look.

Follow the Delivery Guidelines
Product deliveries - Make sure you follow the delivery guidelines supplied. These instructions will provide full details of the delivery dates, times and clear instructions, to ensure your product can be judged in its best possible condition.

Judges' Feedback 
The judges’ feedback can be a hugely beneficial to your products development. The more information you provide, the more detailed the judges can be in their feedback to you.

Following the above will make the most of this opportunity to showcase your product!